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5th June, 2010 - Holidays

Hello all.  It's high time I committed myself to ink. It's been brought to my attention the Mentals site has been stationary for a few years. We are addressing this presently. After a futile attempt by the record company to run our merchandise we have decided to return to our old method of doing it ourselves. This will crank up with CDs and a new tee shirt becoming available over coming months. We are also looking at a downloading facility for newly recorded tracks. This may take a bit longer. After 35 years we still don't do things in a hurry.


A big cheerio to those who come to shows and clap and dance and sing along. Your blood's worth bottling.  I'm enjoying live performance more than ever. I think we are playing our tunes fairly faithfully to the originals and this is most satisfying .our new bassman Zoltan Budai and drummer Jacob Cook have brought a lot to the lineup considering they are filling the capable shoes of old drummer Robbie and bassist Duck. Robbie is recovering from a major health scare and is now playing with The Pinks ( old Mentals Reg and Peter ,Rob Suesz from Dynamic Hepnotics and Karma County's Brendan Gallagher). Duck is getting a new hip and has recently set an epic poem to music.


Over coming months we will be on Norfolk Island , revisiting Brisbane Expo 88, on a South Pacific  Ozrock cruise, touring Australia with Boomtown Rats as well as our own dates in Perth, Darwin, Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney etc. I love playing in etc, they really know how to party. If we haven't played your town recently we are bound to play there soon.


I will blog any Mental news as it comes to hand.

Bye for now

5th June, 2010 - Holidays

This band has been on holiday for a few weeks while Martin has been holidaying in Spain with his wife to celebrate the birthday of the lovely Kate. She’s around thirty I think. The rest of us have been far from idle. Greedy has been having an affair with a bathroom renovator, Mike has been saving innocent taxi customers (me), and Rob, well I don’t quite know what he’s been doing but I’m sure it smells like a Cuban cigar. As for me, I’ve been conducting an experiment to observe the level of atrophy one man can achieve while watching Judge Judy.


7th August, 2010 - All over the shop.

We've been all over the shop in the last few weeks. From Jindabyne (-4 brrrr) to the Gold Coast (27 in the morning and I need to stand in the shade to appreciate the breeze on my wet hair from my shower). Yes I do shower. Sometimes.

South Australia was good fun. It included two shows at the Stonyfell winery so I should put in a plug for that Stonyfell wine. It's good. We finished the run with a gig at the Beach House Café where there is no stage as such but they are such a friendly crowd that you tend to forget that.

Bangalow, Yandina and the Ambiwerra festival followed, playing alongside a reformed Stylus who were terrific although a little frazzled on the first night due to flight delays, they only just made it in time. They even had their suitcases in the dressing room.

I have to go now because I just saw an alarming banner headline on a news network that Russian fire could raise the price of Australian beer and bread prices. I must find out how that could possibly work.


15th June, 2010 - Being on tour can be confusing.

Being on tour can be confusing. With my appalling sense of direction I have often been lost in a motel room. The downside is that people are often offended when I am lost in their motel room and not mine. The upside is that every day is a new beginning for me.

Our Western Australia jaunt was a heap of fun. We’re just about dead from the amount of hospitality we were afforded over the week and the gigs were great. I particularly liked the re-furbished Esplanande hotel in Port Hedland. You can’t beat an old pub.

As I type I am sitting on the plane with our glorious and victorious Wallabies team fresh from their game last night and they look a bit tired. I know that because they’re asleep.


5th June, 2010 - Did I mention that it was cold in Hobart?

Cold enough that one could forget that one has genitals, but the gigs were fantastic. Two nights in Hobart in a packed pub meant that even during that weather we still managed to work up a sweat on both nights. There was snow on Mt Wellington when the rain had cleared enough so that we could see it.

After Hobart we had a nice drive to Launceston, stopping at Ross for lunch on the way. Ross is an old and pretty town. Driving there I was looking up " did you know? " trivia about the town. Did you know that in the space of about twenty years some twelve thousand female convicts were processed through the 'female factory'. Makes you think and it wasn?t that long ago.

Did I mention that Launceston was cold? Launceston (Lonnie) was good too but again, cold. Just south of there is a little town called " A Little Piece Of Heaven ". It's a specialist lolly shop and I had a mission to buy some Choo Choo bars for a friend in NZ. The mission was accomplished. I must give a plug for the shop because it had the most amazing range of sweets I?ve ever seen! And I don?t even eat them. By the way the Lonnie gigs were great too.

I'll be back soon with news from Western Australia.


May 10th, 2010 - Second Time in a Fortnight, Don't Faint

Last week we did our third weekend in a row in Qld. Friday afternoon, I got to see my folks at Noosa and the gig at the Villanoosa was excellent. I'll stick to this theme because I like dropping the name Noosa like somebody who's just come from a Southern state who also drops the name Noosa by saying the word Noosa when they say they've been to Noosa. OK, enough of that now.

On Sunday we played the Caxton St food festival in Brisbane. I'd like to say hello to the people who live in the house just outside the perimeter fence of the event. They put up a ladder and proceeded to drink on the roof of their house while they watched us play. To them I say this. Guys come down now. The gig finished last week and a roof is dangerous if you're drinking!

After a quick visit to The Entrance on Friday (no that's not a sexual innuendo but a place on the central coast North of Sydney), last night we ROCKED THE GONG!!! in Wollongong. Goood show, lovely people and a hasty exit afterward because Mike had a party to go to in Sydney. He's the consumate party animal that Mike.

I know you are probably flabbergasted that I've done two blogs in a fortnight but get used to it. I might even start on that twitter thing and let you know when I go to the toilet.


April 20th, 2010 - Yes I Know

I have been pathetically slack with my blog for a long time but today is the day I fix that.

The Mentals have had a really busy year as usual. Many many great gigs and our usual stints of sitting in aeroplanes between shows. Highlights? Where do I start! The Day On The Green Tour with the B52’s and The Proclaimers was excellent. All the events were perfectly run. The Mentals and the Proclaimers got on really well even if the Scottish accents were so thick that I had many smiling and nodding moments not having a clue what they were saying. It was also funny watching them come straight from Winter in England to a heat wave in Australia.

Another good one was playing at the V8 supercars thingy in Adelaide with Status Quo. Again, really nice guys. It seems to me that the longest lasting bands have stayed playing because of exactly that. For a while I have been saying when asked “How long have you been in the band?” and I say I’m the new guy who’s been in the band for ten years. I was chatting with Joe (Quo’s bass player) and I asked him how long he’d been with them. His answer was that he was the new guy in the band who’s been with them for twenty-four years. Sure put me in my place.

I solemnly swear that the above was all true and that I will make every effort to keep you updated more often.


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